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Our Journey.

Our Journey.

Back in 2012, Denver had a family member undergoing chemotherapy. A common side effect of chemotherapy is the loss of taste. The one flavour that our loved one could taste, was soy sauce. This got us looking for a better soy sauce and umami rich foods. Since Canada is one of the biggest producers of soybeans in the world, we figured there must be naturally fermented, real Canadian soy sauce and miso. The answer was no. We were limited to the same few industrial brands that dominate the world's soy sauce market. 

This started the curious journey of brewing real soy sauce. After a few research trips to Japan, a lot of trial and error and developing other koji-fermented products, in 2019 Denver took the leap and started Canada's first and only soy sauce brewery: Koji Fine Foods.

A touch of Dutch.

A touch of Dutch.

On a continuous fermentation journey of his own and looking for other fermentation nerds to geek out with after recently having moved to Vancouver, Dutch chef, former marketeer, business consultant and all-round fermentation enthusiast Thomas connected with Denver for a drink and a chat about koji, miso, amazake, garums and of course; soy sauce. This serendipitous encounter in the spring of 2021 led to a fermentation fuelled friendship that resulted in Thomas aiding Denver on his journey of introducing Canada to real soy sauce. 

Soy Sauce, Miso & Koji

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