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Our all new Miso Balls

Fresh instant Miso Soup


Our all new instant miso soup balls are a convenient and nutritious option for at the office or in the kids lunch thermos. simply drop your miso ball in 8-10 ounces or 1 - 1 1/4 cups of hot water, stir, wait two minutes, stir again and enjoy.

Probiotic Benefits


Miso Fermentation is a centuries old process that has tremendous history and data showing the undeniable health benefits of these fermented foods in Japanese cuisine.

Make a better Ramen


Use Miso balls as your Vegan Miso ramen seasoning. Simply boil up your favourite instant noodles, throw away that little junk msg package and drop in a Miso ball for a flavour upgrade

Plant Based


All of our ingredients are plant based and NO MSG or bonito/fish are used. Making for a vegan bouillon bomb that can be used in many other applications like soups, stews and in your rice cooker or instant pot.

Naturally Fermented


Our Fresh Miso's are made with Canadian traceable ingredients. All combined with Vancouver Island sea salt and Fraser valley spring water to create some uniquely Canadian products with our own unique terroir and upgraded umami flavour profiles. 

Real Food


Our Miso Balls are real food. Naturally fermented miso and real seasoning with no preservatives. We sell our miso balls fresh! Offering a nutritious, probiotic alternative   for an afternoon coffee replacement or light lunch at the office.

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What is Koji?

Koji Rice


Koji Rice is a living food that has been used for thousands of years in asian cuisines. Koji is the single fundamental ingredient that is needed to produce many common items that are already in your kitchen like: soy sauce, miso, mirin, rice wine vinegar, sake and many others.

What is Koji Salt?


Koji Salt is an extremely versatile ingredient. We like to call it our wet salt. If your recipe is wet and requires mixing,use Koji Salt. We use it almost exclusively as a salt replacement in our kitchen. It can be used in soups, sauces, dressings, marinades or even baking. If your recipe is wet and requires mixing. Use Koji Salt in place of traditional salt. You will experience a miraculous increase in flavor and Umami while consuming 75% less sodium in the recipe.

Your new secret ingredient


Koji Salt adds a depth of flavour that will turn your everyday recipes into something new and different. It is a flavour enhancer that will impart a sweet, salty, savory, umami that you fall in love with. It will be sure to become your new secret ingredient that you wont want to tell your friends your secret. Although we would love for you to tell all your friends how awesome Koji salt is

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