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Instant Miso Soup Balls

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Instant Miso Soup Balls

Regular price$40.00 Sale price
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The farmers market sensation: our unique, fresh, probiotic and 100% plant-based single serving miso soup balls in 5 delicious flavours:

Ginger & Sesame / Nori / Roasted Garlic / Spicy / Thai Curry

Drop a ball in a cup of hot water, steep, stir and enjoy!

    Order a mix of the 5 flavours, or customize your order to your liking. We also offer discounted subscriptions if you prefer a steady flow of monthly miso balls. Check out the subscription options here.

    Miso soup balls are a fresh food and are only available for local delivery in the Lower Mainland. Our apologies to our customers outside of the Vancouver area.


    Yes, you definitely can. Pick any one flavour, or mix up the flavours any which way you like. If you choose to customize your miso ball mix, be sure to leave a comment on your order.

    All of our 5 flavours have the same base ingredients:

    Organic soybean miso, organic barley miso, wakame seaweed, green onion, kelp powder and mushroom powder. No MSG, no added sugar or salt. 100% Vegan.

    Each variety has additional ingredients added that create 5 unique miso soup flavours:

    Nori - Powdered nori seaweed

    Ginger & Sesame - Sesame paste, sesame seeds, fresh ginger

    Roasted Garlic - Fried garlic, fried onion

    Spicy - Togarashi spice mix

    Thai Curry - Red curry paste, grated coconut

    Miso balls are very robust from a food safety perspective. For the freshest quality, they are best stored in the fridge and consumed within 14 days. Keep them cool, but don't be discouraged to take your miso balls on a camping trip. You can also freeze them for several months without it affecting food safety or flavour.

    Delivery in the Greater Vancouver area (from Chilliwack to the North shore) is free for orders over $25.

    A $5 flat rate applies to local delivery orders under $25 and to shipping orders under $50.

    Free Canada-wide shipping applies to orders over $50 and to all koji spore orders.

    Miso, miso soup balls and koji are fresh food products and are only available for local delivery in the Lower Mainland. 

    Within Greater Vancouver we aim to deliver as quick as possible. Our general delivery days are Friday and Saturday. Customers in the Fraser valley can typically expect delivery Monday thru Wednesday, but it really depends on order volumes, local traffic nightmares and life in general. We just ask for a little patience in life and business :) If you have any expectation or request for delivery, let us know. We aim to please.

    You heard right! Bring your empty miso ball container(s) or empt 375ml bottle of shoyu to one of the farmers markets in the Lower Mainland and we'll top you up at a discount.

    Discounted Refills

    We try to minimize waste. Ran out of shoyu or miso balls? Come find us at one of the Farmers Markets and we'll replace your empty 375ml bottle for a fresh one for $30, or fill up your empty miso container at a discount.

    Check out our market dates.

    Free Shipping & Delivery

    Free Canada-wide shipping on orders over $50. Free delivery in the Greater Vancouver area for orders over $25 & curb-side pickup in Vancouver.

    Check out our shipping rates.

    Subscribe & Save

    We like to build relationships with our customers. That's why we offer discounts on subscription orders for miso soup balls.

    Check out our products.