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Something doesn't make sense.

Japanese shoyu makers using Canadian ingredients, but there is no real soy sauce to be found in our grocery store aisles. Ancient processes that are industrialized and sped up to infinity to make more money. Thousands and thousands of pounds of soybeans grown in Canada that never see the national market and get shipped straight to China. Small businesses that get squeezed out of every last percentage of margin, so shareholders can add a few more billion to their bank accounts. Kids that think milk comes from a plastic container and that have never seen an apple grow on a tree. Our global food system is broken.

Short & sweet.

Short & sweet.

We get the question at least once at every market we visit: "can we find you at Save on Foods or something?". No, you can't. The retail food business is a vicious margin game with cut throat tactics. We choose not to take part in a system that revolves around money instead of quality and teaches our kids nothing about real food. We are a direct to consumer product and do everything we can to keep the chain as short and therefore as sustainable as possible. Bean to barrel, barrel to bottle, bottle to business.

We are focused on providing quality products with personal service to the end consumer in our local community. We know our farmers and we know our customers. We can guarantee that when you buy one of our products, there's only two people -and two people only- that have touched your bottle of shoyu or package of miso. Who knows, maybe one day we will take the leap into retail if we find the right partner that shares our beliefs and values. For now, we are keeping it small.

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Real Shoyu is a magical product. the aroma and flavour of this authentically brewed product must be experienced

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