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Premium Soy Sauce 100mL

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Premium Soy Sauce 100mL

Regular price$40.00 Sale price$45.00
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If you've never been to Japan, this is almost certainly the first time you get the opportunity to experience the deep umami flavours, rich aromas and one of a kind amber hue of real shoyu soy sauce.

Our signature Usukuchi style shoyu soy sauce, a finishing soy sauce, contains 50/50 organic wheat from BC and white organic soybeans from Quebec, Vancouver Island sea salt and koji and is naturally fermented and matured for 12+ months in Okanagan red wine barrels. 

There is just no comparing our premium soy sauce to the industrialized stuff we've unfortunately grown accustomed to. The flavour of this naturally fermented and matured shoyu is light on the palette, yet adds unbelievable depth, delicious complexity and mouth-watering character to any dish. Unlike your store bought soy sauce that we all drench our food in, add just a few drops of this magic potion to any finished dish to elevate the flavours to a whole different, previously unattainable level. 

But beware: once you are introduced to real shoyu, there's no going back...



Miso balls are very robust from a food safety perspective. For the freshest quality, they are best stored in the fridge and consumed within 14 days. Keep them cool, but don't be discouraged to take your miso balls on a camping trip. You can also freeze them for several months without it affecting food safety or flavour.

Kanada Shoyu combines organic soybeans from Quebec, organic BC roasted and cracked soft wheat berries, Vancouver Island sea salt and Fraser Valley spring water in Okanagan red wine barrels. Fermentation is started by introducing a puff of the Japanese magic mould, Aspergillus Sojae.

Next, all we add is time and love. The contents of the barrels are stirred almost daily, cared for and loved, for a minimum of 12 months. The soy sauce is then pressed by hand and left to rest allowing the deep and rich umami flavours, complex aromas and one of a kind amber hue to develop further.

We've gotten used to low-quality, cheap food. 99% of the world's soy sauce is made by adding MSG, artificial colouring and other chemicals to defatted soybeans cooked in hydrochloric acid. The result is a lot of soy sauce that vaguely resembles the taste of real soy sauce, and is made in the span of a few hours.

Real shoyu takes months, even years to be made fresh. Just four ingredients and a bit of mould are nurtured and stirred anywhere between 6 months and three years, allowing the enzymes in the mould to break down the proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the ingredients into complex umami flavours and deep, rich aromas. This natural process yields completely different results that are just impossible to replicate with chemicals.

As a result, you'd use a lot less real shoyu than you would regular soy sauce, even though the salt content is the same. If you use our shoyu as it's meant to be used -a brush or a few drops to enhance a dish- a bottle of Kanada Shoyu will be just as "cheap" as your store bought fake, but a million times more delicious in flavour.

Keep it in the fridge. This is a naturally fermented product without added preservatives. Although we do pasteurize our soy sauce, left at warm temperatures the fermentation process could start back up again.

In warm conditions, the shoyu can start to evaporate in the bottle. This creates fresh water molecules in the empty space allowing sneaky little yeasts to pop up. These are not harmful, just annoying and can easily be strained out through a paper towel.

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You heard right! Bring your empty miso ball container(s) or empt 375ml bottle of shoyu to one of the farmers markets in the Lower Mainland and we'll top you up at a discount.

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Real Shoyu is a magical product. the aroma and flavour of this authentically brewed product must be experienced

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