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The magic mould that makes fermentation dreams come true. Make miso, shoyu and other ferments yourself with our selection of Aspergilius spores, or get your hands on some of our fresh koji.

A little note before you dive into making your own koji: making koji is a finicky process and even with all the right equipment, your first few batches will most likely fail. Understanding the mould and feeling and seeing how it reacts to humidity, temperature, airflow and other factors takes practice and some experience.  

Before you start, make sure you have browsed the internet on how to make koji and have got yourself fermentation setup. There's many ways to create your own setup, we started with a cooler, a reptile heating pad, a small fan, a humidifier and and Inkbird humidity controller and thermometer. 

Detailed instructions and explanation on equipment and process will follow soon!

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Real Shoyu is a magical product. the aroma and flavour of this authentically brewed product must be experienced

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You have your favourite sushi restaurant. Now ask yourself what kind of soy sauce your enjoying your Sushi with?

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