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Flaked Sea Salt

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Flaked Sea Salt

Regular price$15.00 Sale price

Our sea salt is made by hand. First gently boiled over wood fire then slowly crystallized with sea breezes and sunshine. Freshly made with the cool clear Atlantic waters in Beaver Harbour Nova Scotia. 

100 gram bags available 

Larger quantities upon request. 


Miso balls are very robust from a food safety perspective. For the freshest quality, they are best stored in the fridge and consumed within 14 days. Keep them cool, but don't be discouraged to take your miso balls on a camping trip. You can also freeze them for several months without it affecting food safety or flavour.

Delivery in the Greater Vancouver area (from Chilliwack to the North shore) is free for orders over $25.

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Miso, miso soup balls and koji are fresh food products and are only available for local delivery in the Lower Mainland. 

Within Greater Vancouver we aim to deliver as quick as possible. Our general delivery days are Friday and Saturday. Customers in the Fraser valley can typically expect delivery Monday thru Wednesday, but it really depends on order volumes, local traffic nightmares and life in general. We just ask for a little patience in life and business :) If you have any expectation or request for delivery, let us know. We aim to please.

You heard right! Bring your empty miso ball container(s) or empt 375ml bottle of shoyu to one of the farmers markets in the Lower Mainland and we'll top you up at a discount.

Hand Crafted

Real Shoyu is a magical product. the aroma and flavour of this authentically brewed product must be experienced

Online only / Markets on hold.

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