We are Koji Fine Foods

The Finest Quality Koji

We have been making and enjoying our Koji based foods in our home for years. Our family and friends have been pushing us to take our awesome Koji products and share them with the world. We have taken the leap rented a commercial kitchen and are doing just that. We have followed the process and recieved the full authorization from the Canadian food inspection agency to sell our Koji Salt. Koji Salt for now and we will be introducing our other products in due time. For now we hope that you will stop buy the farmers market to say high and let us teach you all about this amazing ingredient.

More depth of flavor

Koji Salt is a extremely versatile ingredient. It can be used in place of traditional salt in virtually any of your favorite recipes and dishes. We like to call it our wet salt. If the recipe is wet and requires mixing, use Koji Salt.

Reduced sodium intake

Koji salt not only adds more flavor than your usual salt. It will drastically reduced your sodium intake. For each teaspoon or amount of salt you would add to your recipe. Add 2 teaspoons or simply double the amount while only having 20% of the original recipes sodium intake.